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***COACH OF THE MONTH*** Marcin Kumięga Marcin is 25 years old and has been doing CrossFit for over 2 years. His initial thought after doing CrossFit was “Its harder than it looks!” His favourite thing about CrossFit is the beauty of the movement…..everyone has seen Marcin perfecting the finer details of the moves! His favourite move is the muscle up and dips….not surprising at all seeing he is super strong! His favourite benchmark workout is Cindy….maybe because he is a push up master!! Marcins favourite cheat meal is penne with spinach (not naughty enough in my eyes!!) and likes to have this ‘all the time’ lol. His CrossFit inspiration is Carl Paoli. If you haven’t heard of Carl he is a total CrossFit, freestyle and gymnastics beast! Well worth looking him up on YouTube and watching some of his awe inspiring videos. ... See MoreSee Less

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You might not be able to do it now but are you willing to put it in so that one day you can do it? ... See MoreSee Less

I can't. I can't do double unders, or rope climbs, or pullups or muscle ups. I can't finish that mile without walking or row without resting. I can't do that weight prescribed or hit the target with that medicine ball. I can't. It is a pretty debilitating phrase. It's a cop out. An excuse. A reason to give in earlier, a reason to turn away, a reason to scale back to your comfort zone. You can't now. Maybe you won't this year. But what about ever? It won't just fall into your lap. That's not how this works. It doesn't come if you just practice it - you have to believe it, dream it, breathe it, want it. You have to go out there and get it. Take it. Rip it from the hands of the universe. Watch videos and read blogs on how to do double unders. Whip yourself silly. Not for a week, or a month - but for however long it takes to get them. You can get them - it just might take a while. Ask your friends how they got their muscle ups. Try their techniques, work their drills. If it doesn't work, ask someone else. You can do it - it just might take more work than you initially thought. Get yourself 100 feet further on the mile before you start walking. 100 feet of totally brutal gut wrenching steps. 100 feet closer to getting it done. You can finish - it just might be more gut wrenching than you can bear today - but tomorrow is another chance, a stronger start. You can, the real question is this. If you really want it, are you willing to pay the price? #crossfit #wod #fitness #inspireme

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It was great to have Matt Reid back tonight ! The guys hit loads of BMU progressions tonight and next week it's going to be handstands !! Get yourself down Wednesday 8-9 ! ... See MoreSee Less

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