Daine Mitchell


From an early age I’ve always been passionate about martial arts, participating in various disciplines including Karate, Boxing & Thai Boxing. During this time I won several medals, trophies & various championships

I first started CrossFit in 2011 preparing for an upcoming fight and wanted to take my fitness to the next level. Not only did my fitness shoot through the roof but I also fell in love with the sport

CrossFit is always exciting, every day is different and you’re always wondering what the next workout will bring. Unlike regular gyms, there is always a friendly atmosphere where everyone will know your name

I am now lucky enough to be a CrossFit Nottingham Coach, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor. The services I provide are detailed below, and if you would like to book in with me you can contact me on 07900 496287 or by email dainemitch@gmail.com

Nutritional Consultation £30

Most people believe that exercise alone will help them reach their goals, but to achieve the most from exercise, a great nutrition program is also needed

A good nutrition program will help you get that leaner holiday body, Rx those WODs, or generally just feel healthier and full of energy. Together we will assess your current nutrition and lifestyle, body composition and fitness levels to create a plan of action. We will work on this over an agreed time scale to help you achieve your goals in a way best suited to you

Personal Training £30

We all have goals but sometimes we don’t know how to achieve them on our own. That’s where I can help. Through a goal and an assessment session we will find out what you really want to accomplish and how we can work together to achieve this. This may be a personalised training and nutrition program where we work together through weekly sessions or a 1-1 coaching session on a particular movement or skill. Either way we will find the best way to achieve your goal in a realistic timeframe

Performance Consultation £30

For people looking for further analysis and training advice to enhance your performance. Together we will assess and identify any limiting areas, set realistic goals and put together a periodised plan in addition to your current training.
You will be emailed with your plan following the session so you can start straight away

Clean Eating Challenge £100

It has been proven that you are more likely to succeed in your long-term goal with the correct social support; this is one of the reasons why the clean eating challenge is so successful. By taking part you will receive fitness and body composition testing, online weekly education and regular group Q&A sessions

Depending on your goal, The Clean Eating Challenge will help you lose unwanted fat or boost your performance in the box. You will come away from the challenge with a greater knowledge of nutrition and the confidence to make educated decisions regarding food choices and your diet.

Body Fat Testing £15

This session is to provide you with a 4-point body fat analysis.

Using the YMCA body fat test we will measure body fat at the:
-Iliac crest
We may also take body measurements and a photo during this session.
Following this you will be emailed with your own personalized body fat results, which you can use to check against at a future date

Inductions £60 PER PERSON

The induction session will coach you through the main fundamentals and skills which will allow you to progress to the main classes. Typically, these sessions last 3-6 hours depending on your ability and movement needs

Following this induction you will be ready to have some fun and beast the WODs with the rest of the CFN gang

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