Holly Brierley


Hi! I’m Holly!

Since a young age, I have always been a competitive athlete in various sports: Rowing, Martial Arts, Track & Field, Athletics…. but nothing has quite pushed me and given me the buzz and excitement I get from training CrossFit!

My brother recommended it to me in 2011 and since then, I struggle to go a few days without it

I have been lucky enough to represent CrossFit Nottingham in a few competitions since I started here – including my most favourite competition of all time Tribal Clash and The CrossFit Games European Regionals in 2013

Competing is great fun, but I now enjoy focusing on coaching people in the box and helping people get better. CFN has always had a strong focus on form and technique (which is so important) and I really enjoy helping to enforce that into our members, which only sees them improving all of the time

CFN is a fantastic place where family from all corners of the world come together to try to achieve very similar goals. Everyone is trying to make themselves a better person and the vibe and atmosphere that CFN creates is very positive and encouraging! Even if I help one person progress to lead a better, fitter, healthier lifestyle, then that is a success in my books

Looking forward to seeing you on the WOD floor!

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