Kimberley Chan


I first came across Crossfit in 2009, whilst studying to become an Osteopath. I didn’t start Crossfit until May 2013; it took me 4 years to pluck up the courage!

I am a biomechanical specialist of the human body, treating joint and muscle dysfunction and have been practicing since 2010. My basic training gave me the knowledge to treat, but I felt I still lacked a true understanding of the human body and so, in 2013 I embarked on a year long journey of Applied Functional Science with a company based in America who are at the forefront of manual therapy

Practicing as an Osteopath and training as a Crossfit Athlete now go hand in hand and I take a lot from what I learn in the box into my treatment rooms. I have a functional approach to assessment and treatment, which adheres well to the Crossfit mentality. Treatment is not only for healing but works amazingly well as a preventative, keeping your whole body healthy and happy in what it needs to achieve. Whether you struggle with your shoulder to overhead because you’re restricted or whether you strained a muscle or a tendon, I am here to help

Available Friday afternoons, call 07912854430 or e-mail for a appointment or advise

B.MedSc (Hons)
NG360 GPS (NIKE Golf Performance Specialist)
FAFS (Fellow of Applied Functional Science)I now compete at a European level in the Masters (40+) category and have my Level 1 coaching certificate. I enjoy nothing more than coaching and watching people move heavier weights, over greater distance, faster than they ever believed they could

Registered Osteopath and NG360 NIKE Golf Performance Specialist.

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