Marcin Kumięga


Life seems to be pointless without widening our horizons, learning new skills, pushing the limits further and further. I discovered track and field as a kid, then I was picked up by a local coach and started playing basketball. At the same time I came across weight training at a “Globo gym” but this was just the beginning, at some point I knew I’d want more.

One CrossFit video was enough to get me hooked up. Virtuosity of weight lifting amazed me, however I couldn’t even do an overhead squat. I decided to move abroad and find people I could learn from, so here I am, CFN member since 2013.

Thanks to CrossFit, I was introduced to muscle ups and handstands. I fell in love with gymnastics, which has now transformed to the calisthenics. Whenever you see us, on the rings, on the floor or pulling up bar don’t hesitate, say hello and feel free to join us, you’re more than welcome.

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