Matthew Stafford


I’ve been involved in training since the age of fifteen and has been hooked ever since! I was the typical guy, chest on a Monday, biceps and triceps before heading out on a Saturday night! After another boring fat burning session on the treadmill, I knew something had to change

CrossFit was a breath of fresh air. For the first time in years I was excited about training and learning. In those two years I became fitter and stronger than I’d achieved in my previous ten years. Mixed in with a great atmosphere and a passion for improvement, it opened my eyes to what the world of fitness had been missing

I love to talk fitness and nutrition supplementation and will always want to hear about your new PB, first muscle up or being able to touch your toes for the first time in years

Some habits die hard though, so you may see me still hitting some bicep curls and feeling the burn

I am also a full time Fireman in Nottingham and am responsible, as a qualified PT, for keeping my watch in shape

Currently training in NCFE Nutrition and Health and truly believe in a tasty clean diet for maximum results in and out of the box. Everyones unique and has different fitness goals and nutritional preferences

Hopefully you’ll find me as a friend face to talk about CrossFit, Nutrition, Supplements, Krispy Kreme’s or a great arm routine! P.S. Prestige awards include Spirit of CrossFit Nottingham 2014.

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