Rikki Jeffrey


I am passionate about all things health and fitness- so much so I decided to make a career change in 2006 and become a Personal Trainer and work full time in the fitness industry.

I have always been involved in various sports and enjoyed training from around the age of 15. Physical training has pretty much formed the backbone of my life and I believe regular training is as essential to the body as eating and sleeping.

I have competed at national level in martial arts and always used strength training to help improve on my sporting goals. I have also explored many different training methods and from my experiences, I have learned exactly what really delivers results!

I love coaching people and watching them improve and move better and I’m a real stickler for detail!

I enjoy studying, and anything that challenges me from a coaching perspective, I will look into, until I fully understand, so that I can then pass that understanding onto my clients.

Since training in CrossFit I have been able to recover from long standing overuse injuries and found a new level in joint mobility, power and flexibility. I have been exposed to barbell and gymnastics movements I thought only applicable to elite level athletes, but as CrossFit explains perfectly – The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree…not kind.

As your coach my goal will be to pass on my experience and understanding in a relaxed and friendly manner – but never compromising on the details – in order to help you reach a better understanding of the barbell movements and how to maximise your own personal potential and performance in the WODs.

I am your Coach, but also available for Personal Training. To contact me email rikkijbjeffery@hotmail.com or call 07815 712 108

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