Terms & Conditions

CrossFit Nottingham Ltd have very simple terms and conditions that we ask our members to adhere to. The Box Rules are a tongue and cheek way of delivering the terms and conditions, but despite the informal delivery they are to be recognised and applied. Failure to do so, by any member, could lead to them being asked the leave the box with their membership revoked.


1. Leave your EGO at the door
2. Practice technique, consistency, and intensity, and then load!
3. If you don’t know ask a coach
4. The WOD floor is for WODs and MOBs ONLY
5. You are allowed a rope, water and a towel ONLY on the WOD floor
6. Chalk is a privilege that can be removed
7. Do NOT drop Kettle bells, unloaded barbells, or 5kg plates
8. Put your bottles, used tape and any other crap in the bin
9. Keep the gym clean! if you sweat, bleed or cry, clean it up
10. Put ALL of your kit back where you found it
11. No towel, tops stay ON
12. Do not bring your bad hygiene into the box
13. Never ever CHEAT
14. Treat others as you wish to be treated
15. Introduce yourself to all “Newbies”
16. Write your time on the board to be beaten not for others to see
17. Put things in perspective…. its fitness, ENJOY it
18. The CrossFit Class remains priority on the box floor
19. You are not allowed to cross the green lines into the CrossFit class unless you are taking part
20. Equipment can NOT be taken from the class side into open gym
21. All equipment in open gym must be returned and stored correctly. Failure to do so will see the equipment removed from open gym
22. If you’re not sure how to use a piece of equipment, please seek guidance from a coach
23. The CrossFit Class has priority over the pull up rig, open gym must use the training rig. If the CrossFit Class has no rig work, open gym users can pass the first line only and use the pull up rig
24. The open gym is NOT for socialising or spectating, it remains for training only
25. The class floor is marked with individual spaces, you are expected to WOD within your marked area
26. You MUST control your equipment and keep it within your work space
27. Do not drop loaded barbells with 5kg plates, penalties will occur
28. Do not drop loaded barbells with 10kg plates, penalties will occur
29. No unloaded bars will be dropped, penalties will occur
30. Away from the WOD floor, the Mezz room is for socialising, enjoy a coffee or a bounce ball
31. We will periodically throw away items that remain unclaimed
32. The photo room details competitions and the services available at the Box
33. In reception we have the first aid kit and defibrillator available to all
34. The reception desk is for staff only. Can we remind you that this is a work space and is not to be used as a members storage
35. The upstairs office space is for staff only unless you are receiving one to one with a PT, or a treatment with one of the practitioners. Please respect that this is their work space and they will come and find you
36. Parking. If the car park to the front of the unit is full, you MUST use the rear car park or the side roads. These rules apply from 8:30am through to 6:00pm. Do NOT stack up the cars outside of the CrossFit Nottinghams obvious site boundaries. From 6:00pm – 9:00pm you can park anywhere within the industrial estate but we would advise avoiding the directors spaces at the neighbouring unit, Oversolve. Weekends are a free for all, but again, avoid directors spaces as they may also want to use their parking for a trip into town
37. Performance enhancing drugs are not tolerated at CrossFit Nottingham. You will be asked to leave


Cancellation of PTs, Coaches, Sports Massage, Beauty

Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will incur the full charge of the session as standard. Individual PTs, Coaches, Sports Masseurs and Beauticians reserve the right to deviate from this as they see fit and it is your responsibility to ensure you know the cancellation policy of the individual trainer. The session may be re-booked but a full, new payment will be required at the time of booking.

Cancellation of membership

Membership is for a minimum of 3 calendar months. You are free to cancel after this time. CrossFit Nottingham Ltd do not operate longer contract periods, but reserve the right to do so in the future, in which case members will be given a choice and the existing 3-month minimum membership period will still operate. If you purchase a membership, CrossFit Nottingham Ltd operate a 14-day cooling-off period, during which time you may cancel your membership provided no sessions have been used and/or no bookings made.

Should a member wish to terminate their membership agreement, a letter of their intent should be received by CrossFit Nottingham Ltd. On the day of receipt the 3 month termination period will begin.

If a Direct Debit instruction is returned to CrossFit Nottingham Ltd as unpaid as a result of membership cancellation without prior notice of intent, it will result in a charge being incurred by CrossFit Nottingham Ltd that will ultimately be passed on to the member and may involve a third-party debt management company if necessary.

Cancellation of inductions

Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will incur the full charge of the induction. The session may be re-booked but a full, new payment will be required at the time of booking.


CrossFit Nottingham Ltd and CrossFit Nottingham West Ltd only allows drop-ins from other CrossFit Affiliates. A drop-in session is charged at £10.00. If you wish to drop-in, please email info@crossfitnottingham.com stating your affiliate and the dates/times you want to train. We will then reserve you a space, subject to availability, and will confirm once this is done.


Membership is a rolling contract. The minimum membership length is 3 months. All monthly fees must be paid in full, regardless of usage. There is no refund in whole or in part. Memberships are non-transferrable. If you pay for a month and cannot attend you are not entitled to a refund or extension. You are free to upgrade/downgrade your membership from month to month by choosing and paying for a different package. Cash membership payments are not accepted except as a one-off by prior agreement.

If you cancel your membership and were on a deal/price we no longer offer, you will not be entitled to this offer again if you decide to re-join.

In the event of CrossFit Nottingham Ltd or CrossFit Nottingham West Ltd becoming full, we will create a waiting list for new members. If you cancel your membership, your place will be given to the first person on our waiting list, and you will go on this waiting list and will have to wait until there is a free membership place before you can re-join.

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