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The Open: Gary’s 2017 Reflection

The Open is the biggest CrossFit competition in the world, it is comprised of five workouts over five weeks, and this year it starts with 18.1. Open workouts are identified by their year and the order in which they appear. While the purpose of the Open is to find the fittest athletes in each region, […]

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CrossFit Opens…. Are you in?

With the CrossFit Opens fast approaching, we thought it’d be great to revisit some of our members Open experiences from last year. The awesome thing about the Open is that anyone can participate and complete the weekly workouts. No matter who you are or your level you can join the fun of our Open Friday […]

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Basics, why bother?

Basics, why bother? What’s the most important part of my training and coaching? What do I make sure I do above all else? Basics. Foundation exercises. Building blocks of correct efficient technique. A complex skill is just a collection of simpler, less technical skills either strung together back to back or performed in unison. So […]

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Body Building for CrossFit

When I was younger my idols were superheroes. I have always had a fascination with them and have always dreamt of becoming one. But the chances of me being able to swim depths of 1000m talk to fish, have super human strength and be Aquaman are… well, let’s be honest low, to pretty much hopeless.  […]

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Setting our box standards – The Broken Windows

I thought I would share this document I wrote for the staff here at CFN, it underpins our vision for our community, and environment within the gym. You might find it interesting, and I hope it will further promote the theory, to you as members. Background I first came across the broken windows theory via […]

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Inspiration – Where does it come from?

We watch our peers push through some gnarly WODs. We cheer them at competitions, witness them smash personal bests and see them dig into that pain cave. This is inspiring. We are audience to endless social media posts of athletes en route to The Games. This is inspiring. In May 2017 I came across an […]

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What is Overtraining?

Overtraining syndrome is common in nearly every sport and fitness activity. Overtraining happens when an athlete performs more training than his or her body can recover from, to the point where performance declines. … They believe that the harder they train, the better they become  despite evidence to the contrary. CrossFit has many different elements […]

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CrossFit Training & Goal Setting

Crossfit is defined as “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity” and it provides a fantastic programme and environment for people to reach their potential and learn new skills. This is where, for many, the frustrations can lie. Being constantly varied in nature, there can be an overwhelming number of things to learn and […]

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What is CrossFit?

So this is the first blog post of many from us here at CrossFit Nottingham, we have plenty in store for you all over the coming weeks, months and even years. Tips, tekkers, goats, AMRAPS, GPP and much more will be topics of discussion. It’d be all too easy for us to go down the […]

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