Sports Massage

RS Sports Massage

From weightlifting to driving we put high demand on our bodies resulting in stress and tension build and possibly resulting in injury. It is key to maintain the efficiency of the body, sports massage can help correct the imbalances, improve the range of movement and ease the tension you feel.

Massage can also assist in the rate of recovery, with an increased blood flow oxygen and other nutrients are sent to targeted areas seeing waste products such as lactic acid removed quicker.
But most importantly it allows the body and mind to relax.

You don’t need to be an athlete to have a Sports Massage.

RS Sports Massage offers a range of appointments:

15 minutes

£ 10

Pre or Post Workout

  • Contact details below

1 Hour

£ 30

1 Hour Treatment

  • Contact details below

4 x 1 Hour treatments

£ 100

Bulk Bundle

  • Contact details below

RS Sports Massage is also available for events offering Pre & Post-massage and Taping & Strapping.

To book an appointment simply message, email, or phone:
07983 450 029

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