CFN Community

CrossFit community is what makes our sport so much more than a training regime. The community is just as important as technique, coaching and programming. Check out our community pictures below..

Tribal Clash 2019

Strength in Depth 2019

Form Team of 6. 2018

Ladies Night, May 2018

Tribal Clash UK 2018

Wild West Winter Slam 2018

Throwback Throwdown 2017

Strength in Depth 2017


Tribal Clash 2017

Rep It Out 2017

Wild West Malvern 2017

Power Lifting

Tribal Clash Portugal 2017

Form Leeds Weightlifting Comp

Battle of Britain

Glacier Games 2017

Wild West Winter Slam

CF Witham Invitational

Firestorm Comp

Strength in Depth Competition

The Coalition Games

The Rainhill Trials

Rep It Out Competition

Wild West Fusion

Battle of the Midlands 2016

Tribal Clash 2016

Sept 2011 – The Original CFN

May 2013 – CFN V2

Open Water Training

Wild West 2016

In House Lifting Comp

Scale the Heights Summer 2016

The Glacier Games 2016

Wild West Winter Slam 2016

CrossFit Witham Invitational 2016

Scale the Heights Christmas Throwdown 2015

CFN Christmas Throwdown 2015

German Throwdown 2015

Battleground 2015

Super Team Cup 2015

Scale the Heights Final 2015

Napalm Throwdown 2015

Tribal Clash 2015

Battle for the Midlands 2015

European Inferno 2015

Box Rocks 2015

Wild West 2015

British Championships 2015

CrossFit Nottingham Yoga with Mary Wong

CFN Christmas Throwdown 2014

CrossFit Wolfe Baghdad

CFN Photoshoot w/ Christian Burton

CFN Xmas Party 2012


CrossFit Christmas menu!!

Rob Briggs Birthday WOD Sept 2013

St Valentines Day Massacre

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