Privacy Policy

We are CrossFit Nottingham and we care about you and your details.
This Privacy Policy gives you all the details of how we collect your information, what we do with it and how we store it.

It isn’t as exciting as one of our blog posts so feel free to put the kettle on.

1. How do we obtain your information?

Taster sessions
When you book a free taster session, or any session for which you are not a member, we’ll ask you for some personal data like your name, email, address and basic medical information. The information obtained here is for the sole purpose of booking or contacting you about your session, your waiver is a reference point for us also. This includes health details so that we can keep you safe, should anything happen to yourself at the box we have an emergency contact and information about yourself.

Inductions and membership sign-ups
Throughout your CrossFit Nottingham journey we may ask for a little more information; DOB, address, telephone number, health information and bank details. This is through your health waiver, Direct Debit form and Terms & Conditions signature. This information is needed to create a membership for you, to keep you safe in the gym and to contact you about your membership.

If you haven’t already seen we are pretty big on Instagram, we love to post about our community and what you guys are achieving. We always like to have a photography at events we host too, the CFN photo album is always growing. We may use a photo of you on an occasion, when completing your waiver we ask if you are happy for us to take your photo, if not just let us know.

We like to keep track of the traffic to our website, for this we use a few types of cookies. I am afraid these are not the edible kind. Mailmunch, Google Analytics & PHP are our go to tools for this. We use these tools to ease your experience on our website.

2. How does CrossFit Nottingham use this information?

Personal Information you give to us is for us only, unless you explicitly tell us otherwise.

As stated above, we use your information to help us process your membership. We’ll use your contact details to communicate important information too. In signing up on a membership your bank details will be processed by a third party to set up your direct debit, they will send you confirmation of your Direct Debit been set up and any changes but that is all. If you wish to make any changes to your membership this is done by CrossFit Nottingham.
Our mailing list is separate to this, and we’ll ask you if you want to be a part of it before contacting you with marketing, promotions or news about CrossFit Nottingham (unless it directly affects your membership in which case we will contact you directly.)

3. How long do we keep your information?

If you come to CrossFit Nottingham for a taster session or Drop In session we will hold your waiver for the duration of that year of attendance. When joining the CrossFit Nottingham your waiver, direct debit form & terms and conditions agreement is kept for the duration of your membership and 3 months following your cancellation date. Following these durations your information is destroyed by our trusty shredder.

4. Your information is protected

All information of yours is stored under password protection or lock & key. The only people that have access to this is our Gym Manager & Owners. Our coaches will have access to your waiver during your taster or drop in session.

5. Our Mailing List

Our mailing list is opt-in. You have to complete a form to sign up to receive communications through our mailing list. We use MailChimp for this, and you will only receive communications from us; CrossFit Nottingham. We may gather statistics from the mailing list which can tell us things like who has opened our newsletters and how many clicks our links have received. You can read MailChimp’s privacy policy here.

You can unsubscribe from the (superb!) mailing list at any point, there is always a button at the bottom of the mail.

6. Access to your data

Should you ever require access to your personal information we are more than happy to assist. You are entitled to view, amend or delete information given to CrossFit Nottingham, all you need to do is contact our Gym Manager.

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