Andy Ward


My name is Andy Ward! I started CrossFit in 2008 and opened my first affiliate in 2010. Opening CrossFit Nottingham in 2011. Three years after discovering CrossFit I competed at the CrossFit 2011 European Regionals as an individual, and as the CrossFit Nottingham European Regionals Team in 2013.

After that first week of discovering CrossFit, researching its methodology and joining its then online community, I was completely converted. Feeling this was a giant step in the evolution of fitness, and something I found great excitement and satisfaction by introducing to it others.
That initially looked like rounding up a few colleagues for a desert workout, watching online tutorials on the snatch and kipping pull up, and clumsily working through the WOD. Waking up to check the CrossFit main site Workout of The Day, and copy and pasting it to our little group of followers.

Eventually this led to studying for my coaching qualification, writing to equipment suppliers to beg for barbells and bumpers (which we got delivered to Iraq) and setting up a “non-profit affiliate” in the city of Baghdad where I taught Military, and contractors alike for 18 months.
This obviously after several bends and turns, morphed into CrossFit Nottingham and after several more years, landed us in the facility we are now in.

Almost a decade has past since that first WOD, competitions in Iraq, Sweden, Copenhagen, and all over the UK, WODs all over the world, and qualifications and re-qualifications various.

One thing remains consistent. I still find great excitement and satisfaction in watching someone’s face, or listening to someone’s conversation that we have been privileged enough to introduce to this amazing, and life-changing sport we share a love for.

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