Ben Clarkson


What brought me to CrossFit? Apart from the 3 years of my brother telling me how much I would enjoy it, it has to be the community and the internal competition with the person next to you. It was my inability to walk into a gym and feel confident within myself to know what moves to complete to work towards the goals I wanted to achieve, mainly through lack of knowledge. Additionally, the idea of turning up to a gym and only working in sets and on certain muscle groups never really appealed to me.

Being a sporty person all my life, I have always thought you had a good workout if you walked off the pitch/court completely knackered knowing you had put your all into it. I finally gave CrossFit a try in 2017 at a taster evening at CFN with a workout that involved barbell squats, a heinous amount of box jumps and running. At the end of the work out I finished with a nice bruise from not quite making a box jump and lying on the floor, I knew I had found the fitness regime that clicked with me.

I wanted to get involved in coaching to give back to something that has given me so much in such a short amount of time; the friends, knowledge, laughs and a welcoming place to go and train. I hope I am able to pass on little tidbits that will improve and help you to achieve your next goal.

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