Charley Smith


I started Crossfit in September 2012 after serving 9 years in the Royal Air Force and relocating to Nottingham.

As an experienced personal trainer, I have worked with many clients to help improve performance, encouraging and inspiring them to achieve their goals through regular, motivating training sessions. As a result of 1:1 session, I have assisted clients in improving technique, fitness and lifestyle.

Competitive sport has always been a big part of my social and working life. I was therefore drawn to Crossfit for the physical and competitive challenges it presented, along with the opportunity to push my fitness to a new extreme. After joining Crossfit Nottingham, a combination of the welcoming, supportive environment and the sense of community kept me coming back.

Adopting the Crossfit lifestyle prepared me for the physical demands of being a Firefighter as I embark upon my new career.

I aspire to compete at a regional level and I look forward to representing Crossfit Nottingham in competitions across the country.

As part of my role as a Coach and a Personal Trainer at CFN I look forward to supporting individuals in reaching their fitness goals as well as sharing my own passion for fitness and training.

For more information or to book a session contact me on

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