Heather Moore

Hello! I’m Heather.

I have a degree in Events Management and if you’re a ‘friends’ fan; Monica is my spirit animal. I’ll be working behind the scenes to help you with any queries, make sure there’s toilet roll, and follow you around with the hoover and an anti-bac wipe. I might even make you a cuppa.

As a teenager, I avoided P.E. at all costs. As an adult, I survived university on instant porridge, cups of tea and naps. Eventually, I became a globo-gym goer for 3 or 4 years in the quest for “strong, not skinny” but nothing seemed to keep me interested long enough to notice any real changes to my mental or physical health and appearance. When I left Nottingham 5 years ago, I walked into a CrossFit gym, and knew this was going to be the start of something good. I was excited at this new concept of health and fitness, addicted to that post-wod, “what the fudge just happened” feeling and the endorphins that followed. My view of health and fitness changed from looking good to feeling amazing, and the focus shifted from how I looked to what my body could do.

However amongst all the beginner enthusiasm I found myself overlooking the basics and chasing the highs of a PB, followed quickly by constant niggles, injuries and set backs. This is when I decided to study Sports Massage Therapy.

As well as being an admin-focused, organisational neat-freak, I’ll be here to help you and your body handle the WODs with sports massages, acupuncture and rehab advice.

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