Helen and Denise

This is Helen and Denise, the latest double act to take CrossFit Nottingham by storm. Tthese two will be looking after Reception on a Tuesday and Thursday night…while also keeping the coffee going.
They’ve become the cheerleaders for CFN at comps across the country. Apart from welcoming you, selling you tshirts and sweatshirts…what else do we know about Denlen?

Denise: My friend introduced me to CFN via a clean eating challenge, once that finished I didn’t want to leave so became a member…and I’ve been here since!

Helen has become very special to me and is always there for me, she’s the queen at everything she does. I’ve had a tough 12 months personally and I’ve known that she is there for me whenever I need her. I’m the eldest of the two of us but Helen is the wise one. Possibly one of our funniest moments together was the redecoration of the Mezz at CFN. 3 days stuck in that room was hilarious…although that might have just been the paint fumes! Please look after the Mezz…we all put a lot of love in to that room.

My favourite movement is most things Barbell related especially clean and jerk although I’ve new found love for FHT!

Helen: I’m another one that after completing a clean eating challenge in 2016, I became a fully fledged CFN member. The support, inspiration and community spirit has made being part of the CFN family very special to me.

Tribal Devon 2017 was when I really got to know Denise. She was the only one who wanted to be in the front seat with me as I drove down those country lanes! This was also when the CFN Mums nickname started. During 2018 Denise has become a very close friend, helping me adjust through some through some life changes and her encouragement and commitment brought me back to the WOD floor after some months away.

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