Katie Ward


I am the co-owner of CrossFit Nottingham and ensure that everything is in place behind the scenes. From membership to apparel, supplements to skipping ropes, I am your main point of contact

From a young age I have had a strong affiliation to sports and fitness. Growing up I was a keen swimmer, netball and tennis player, and also enjoyed gymnastics. I was a regular gym user until I discovered CrossFit in 2012. I fell in love with the methodology and challenge that CrossFit provides. I have since competed at a National and European level within the sport of CrossFit, representing CFN as an individual and as part of a team. Competitions include

– Meridian Regionals
– London Throwdown
– Battle of London
– British Championships
– European Inferno
– Divided We Fall
– Tribal Clash

What drives and continually motivates me is the difference CrossFit makes to peoples lives. The fitter, healthier and stronger they become the more empowered and positive they are in everything they do. What isn’t great about that?! And if I can lend a hand in making those changes, I’m privileged

Qualifications include

– BA (Hons) Sport & Recreation Development
MSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition

– BTEC Sports Science
– CrossFit L1 & L2
– CrossFit Movement & Mobility
– CrossFit Rowing,
– CrossFit Gymnastics
– British Weightlifting L1
– Precision Nutrition L1
– Eleiko Functional Trainer L1

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