Lucy Campbell


Sport has always been a huge part of my life, and my highly competitive nature means that I always want to be the best I can at whatever I do. As a kid, this was gymnastics, and my dedication to the sport took me to the top 10 in the country as a 12-year-old. However, when I realised that I was never going to make the Olympics as a gymnast, I moved over to swimming. If gymnastics taught me anything, it was that nothing happens without hard work. Bringing this over to swimming helped me to GB level as an open water athlete, representing my country at World and European junior events; break multiple Scottish and county records in the pool; and win national medals in both pool and open water events.

My swimming took me to Loughborough University where I studied Sport and Exercise Science and competed with the Loughborough Swimming performance programme. When I quit swimming after my second year, I started to go to the gym…because apparently that’s ‘the done thing’ to keep fit. For me, it never worked. I hated the aesthetic focus because that was never why I did sport. I did it for performance, to compete, and to be physically and mentally fit, not to look a certain way. I flirted with hockey whilst I was doing my Master’s degree in Sport Psychology. Although I enjoyed the team element, I was never going to be as good as I wanted to be so it never caught my interest in the same way as swimming.

Then I found CrossFit through a friend and I fell in love with it. For me it was everything I was looking for. You had to be fit and strong, got to train with a great community of people, and the athletes were badass. I quickly started to pick up the movements, and won the Elite Female division at Battle for Middle Ground a year later. This confirmed for me that I might have a future in this sport as an athlete.

Beyond the athlete side though, I love coaching. Helping people to get those firsts is one of the most fulfilling feelings, regardless of whether that be their first ring muscle up or their first ring pull. Being part of the process that makes someone fitter, healthier and stronger is a privilege and it’s why I love training other people and working here at CFN!

If you’re interested in training, and want to get started on your firsts, have a look at my coaching profile, or contact me at

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