Mark Hart


For a long time in my mid-20’s I really struggled to find the answer in my quest to keep fit due being hindered by my distaste for globo gyms and the monotony of doing the same dull movements week in/week out. I crave variety and intensity and searched for a long time trying to satiate that desire.

Then in July 2013 I discovered CrossFit and have absolutely not looked back since.

The training methodology was exactly what I had been looking for; intensity, heavy weights, cool new skills (who doesn’t love playing around with handstands?!?) and the ability to challenge both your physical and mental limits on a daily basis.

Add to this the amazing community of like-minded, encouraging, humble, human beings who all share the same passion, it has become a huge part of my life which I only wish I had found earlier. It has also introduced me to people who I can say without hesitation, are like family to me.

Competing is a huge passion for me, in particular the team side of things. I have played football from a young age and as this passion started to take a back seat to CF, I found myself getting more and more into competing.

I’ve been fortunate enough to stand on the top of the podium at some very tough competitions alongside my fellow CFN team mates and I’m hoping that I can put to use, the experience of doing over 20 competitions thus far, to help those members of CFN who also wish to progress and compete also.

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