Paul Graham


A man once said: “Photographs capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce”.
That’s why I’m so passionate about capturing those special moments of yours and sharing them for all the #CrossFitNottingham followers to see.

I started at CrossFit Nottingham in 2015. I was oblivious to what CrossFit was and the community it represents. I was bored at my old gym, my friends had moved away and it jumped up at me at the right time. The community to me is just as important as the workouts.
Just before I started CrossFit I obtained an injury. Was that ever considered an issue in the coaches eyes? No. Not only have they helped me train around it, they helped me get it diagnosed, rehabilitated and watched my nutrition. My favourite work outs are the cardio based ones. My aim is to be first in from the run and to keep pushing myself to go heavier on the weights. I even like high fives now.

We go through a lot as CrossFitters and capturing that journey is special and important.
I’ll try and capture everything: The newcomers, the long term members, the wins, the challenges, the competitions, the humour, the heart…all the parts to our family. I’ll even try and get the right filter and hashtag for you. I can’t say fairer than that, can I?

My objective will always be to make sure our social media is inclusive. Whether you’re new or have been with us for years, we want you to feel a part of the community here at CrossFit Nottingham. I’ll try and capture all of you…unless I’m in the WOD with you. Then it becomes difficult as they won’t let me take photos and deadlift at the same time.
See you on the WOD floor in some way!
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