Rebecca Scofield


I was the kid that did everything, the teenager that did nothing, the student that was addicted to spin.
In 2014 I walked into CrossFit Nottingham & picked up my first barbell.
I have never looked back.

From being a Fine Art Graduate to now Gym Manager at CFN it has been a hectic yet awesome few years. CrossFit was very much the driving force towards me pursuing a career in Health & Fitness.
It gave me a whole new perspective. Who knew that…
In 3 years I’d be squatting more than your body weight.
In 2 years I’d be flipping tyres and lifting atlas stones in the sand.
In a year l’d be hanging onto a barbell whilst my team mates cheer in the background.
And sooner than I knew it I’d turn into a right geek checking out people’s movement and form.
I love the challenges and knowledge that CrossFit can throw at you, it is to be embraced.

As well as your gym manager I am also a Sports Massage Therapist at CFN.
From memberships to massage I am here to help.

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