Rupert McGowan-Kemp


I have been involved in sports and fitness for most of my life. Growing up in Devon the world was my playground, I could be found running around on the beach, surfing or waterskiing in the sea, or hiking on Dartmoor. At college I played rugby and hockey and competed briefly in decathlon (learning the pole vault was an experience!). As a teenager and inspired by my father (a former amateur powerlifting champion) I became interested in bodybuilding, and dabbled in this and running into my thirties.

I discovered CrossFit in 2011 but, concerned that ‘I wasn’t fit enough to try CrossFit’ (something I hear a lot today), I didn’t walk through the gym doors until 2012. I remember the anxiety and apprehension I had during my first few sessions on the CFN WOD floor but two things were immediately apparent. First, the coaches and members were super friendly and supportive – this was more than just a gym, it was a community. Second, the results spoke for themselves – within five months I had lost nearly ten kilograms and my fitness and overall strength had increased dramatically. Ever since I have been entirely convinced by the CrossFit methodology. It works.

I did my first competition in 2013 and have competed many time since, including competing with CFN’s Team Hood at Tribal Clash.

When I started at CFN in 2012 the passion and knowledge of the coaches were instrumental to my immediate love of this sport, since joining the coaching team in 2018 I have made it my goal to motivate and educate our members in the same manner. I have a couple of coaching USPs:

– As an over 40 year old, I have first hand experience in training as a senior athlete. Us older folks can certainly dance on the same stage as the young guns but we do need to do things slightly differently! I am happy to talk to any of our senior athletes about things they should be looking at to perform at their best and avoid injury and fatigue;

– I follow a plant based diet and have done since 2012. I am happy to talk with any members who are vegetarian or vegan, or who are simply wanting to cut down on their weekly meat intake whilst still hitting their macronutrient targets.

In 2018 I became co-owner of CrossFit Nottingham and am delighted to be working alongside Katie and Andy, and our amazing team of coaches and staff. I am CFN through and through and feel privileged to be one of the custodians of this great establishment.

Feel free to approach me about anything you wish to discuss.

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