Tom Laycock


Not being very sporty or athletic as a kid has meant that I’ve been playing catch-up for most of my adult life. Starting with Martial arts in my late teens, leading on to competing in submission wrestling and MMA in my 20’s. I eventually decided that adult life wasn’t for me just yet and decided to join the military.

I came across CrossFit around 2012 having the pleasure of being introduced to workouts like ‘Cindy’ and ‘Barbara’ (which are bodyweight benchmark workouts) during my time in the Royal Marines. During this time a few buddies and I started trying to teach ourselves the Olympic lifts from YouTube channels through trial and error, which more often then not wasn’t a pretty sight.

I walked into my first ‘box’ in 2014 (Warehouse Gym Arbroath) which had a small CrossFit community training most nights of the week.
I became a member of CFN when I left the military and after many hard workouts, loads of new skills and meeting many new friends, I haven’t looked back since.

After qualifying as a PT and completing my CF Level 1 my passion for learning new skills and improving as a coach has continued. Being surrounded by the great role models and athletes at CFN has, and will, keep me improving.

If you need to know about scales or progressions you can always ask as I am still working through most of them and you’ll usually see me upside down in some sort of handstand.

Look forward to helping you improve and move better on the gym floor and in life.

Coach Tom

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