Are you fit enough to start CrossFit?

11th April 2019

“I’d love to do it, I’m just not fit enough”. The amount of times I have heard this, or a variation of it, when talking to someone who is interested in doing CrossFit but is convinced they are not ready for it. “I’m going to get fit in my <insert gym name here> and then perhaps try CrossFit in six months time.”

Damn, I even said this myself before I started. Seven years ago, when I started CrossFit, social media was not quite the information juggernaut it is now, and googling ‘What is CrossFit?’ brought up YouTube videos of superheroes doing muscle ups, Olympic lifts and double unders. “There’s no way I can do that” I thought, and even if that was right at that very moment, it was very also very wrong, since I always had the potential to do these things. I just had to start.

That ancient Chinese proverb ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ mirrors CrossFit perfectly. Because with commitment and effort almost anything is possible, eventually. You just need to pluck up the courage to make that first move and book in for that taster session.


But is CrossFit really suitable for the person with minimal fitness? Yes it is, for several reasons.

Firstly, everything is scalable. Can’t do a muscle up? Fine, let’s try a pull up. Can’t do a pull up? Cool, let’s do a ring row. Can’t do a ring row? Yes you can, and we can show you how. We can substitute every movement for something that you can do, and as you begin to develop prowess at that movement then you start your path into more advanced movements and begin to take ownership of your body and what it is capable of.



Secondly, everyone works to their own level of intensity. Sure, an experienced CrossFitter might be able to pull that rower harder than you, but if each athlete’s heart is beating at 160 bpm then your effort is comparable. And even if the thought of applying that effort stresses you out then relax, the ability to push your body is a developed skill. Experienced athletes have spent years getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, partially at least, this is an acquired skill.

One of our gym rules is ‘Practice technique, consistency, and intensity, and then load’. By encouraging our members to develop in this order ensures they develop the right foundations. Our prime goal is to get people fit for life. This does not mean winning the CrossFit Games, it means being suitably fit to walk up the stairs without losing breath, lift the holiday luggage without hurting your back, running for the bus. It is also about reducing your cholesterol levels, reducing your liklihood of developing heart disease and improving your lifestyle.

If you look on our Instagram page you will no doubt see photos and videos of our elite athletes performing in competitions. We are proud of them. But you will also see people getting their first box jump or pull-up, and we are proud of them too. Fitness is a journey, and at Crossfit Nottingham we are privileged to be your tour guide.

So you are interested? What next? We offer all our new members a free induction course. During the course you will learn how to perform CrossFit movements safely and effectively, equipping you with the tools necessary to step onto the gym floor with confidence and excitement. Your education does not stop there though. We have coaches booked on for every single class on our rota, our coaches demonstrate the movements before the workouts, and are constantly checking and – if necessary – adjusting our members to ensure they get the most out of the workouts. So whether you are a 10 year CrossFit veteran or a 1 week inductee – your education at CFN never stops.

CFN is one of the oldest established Crossfit gyms in the UK, and we employ top class, highly qualified coaches. Our programming is renowned for generating results, and ultimately, if you don’t get results you won’t stick with your lifestyle and fitness regime. Give us the opportunity to show you what you are really capable of.


If you would like to book on to our free taster session every Wednesday evening, please click here to reserve your place.




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