CFN Statement

7th June 2020

When Crossfit Nottingham was formed 9 years ago it was always with a view of being a welcoming, fully inclusive and supportive environment for our members. In 2020 that is still one of our guiding lights.

We strongly disagree with the posts and messages coming out of Crossfit HQ right now. Whilst CFN is a Crossfit Affiliate (and therefore follows Crossfit’s fitness methodology) we are a fully independent local business, we make our own decisions and our own policy, we build our own community right here.

For absolute clarity here is what we believe: we believe in equality for everyone, we believe in justice. We believe in racial equality, we believe black lives matter. Let there be no ambiguity about this.

At this moment we are closely monitoring communications from CFHQ before we make any further decisions. Whatever our decision, we will always put community first, we remain CFN, we remain together.

With love, the CFN Team #weareCFN

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