Competitive Team Training

29th January 2019

In CrossFit circles Spring heralds the start of competition season and specifically The Open.

CFN has enjoyed significant success on the individual and team competition scene, with two trips to The CrossFit Games™ Regionals and multiple wins and podiums at UK and European competitions. We are renowned not only for our competitive strength but also our quality of movement, our box spirit and our supporters (cheer squad). This means that every member of CFN – whether a long established fire breather or a new member who has been with us for two weeks – has a value and role in our competition teams.

To support our competitive athletes we have invited coach Mark Hart to lead our Competition Team Training (CTT) sessions and generate a brand-new platform to enable any member with a competitive drive to practice and learn in advance of their comps. These are inclusive sessions for anyone wishing to compete.



There are many things to consider when signing up for a competition, from travel logistics to synchronicity to communicating properly mid-wod when you feel like toast. Mark is an experience athlete at CrossFit Nottingham and has an incredible amount of advice to impart. Mark’s competitive credentials are exemplary, he secured the Fittest Man In Bermuda title during the 2018 Crossfit Games Open, and together with his teammates won the prestigious Tribal Clash Portugal twice in a row – this has never been done before. Having competed alongside Mark I can speak with experience of his leadership skills, his tactical knowledge and his enthusiasm. I can think of no-one better suited or equipped to lead our new CTT sessions and help the athletes of CFN develop the best versions of themselves for the competition floor.


Mark has written a set of guidelines for the competitive training sessions, these have been designed to improve you as individuals and as team players. Depending on your experience and ability you will be encouraged to join sessions with others of similar ability which will maximise your experience. Generally the sessions will be held on a Friday, once a month but this might vary depending on the competitive schedule. Please remember that the purpose of these free sessions is not to pigeonhole you, but to improve you and give you an idea of what to expect during competition. Most of all, the sessions will be fun and inclusive.

Happy wod’ing,


Mark Hart Competition Achievements:

  • Napalm Throwdown Winners Same Sex Pairs Winner (2016)
  • Witham Invitational RX Winner (2017)
  • Cheltenham Mixed Sex Pairs Winner(2017)
  • Glacier Games Mixed Sex Pairs Winner (2017)
  • Tribal Clash Portugal Winner (2017, 2018)
  • Form Leeds Team Of Five Winner (2018)
  • Fittest Man In Bermuda 2018
  • Qualified in the Elite Category for Crossfit Sanctional Event SiD in the Team category (2019)

Guidelines for the Competition Team Training (CTT) categories

Three categories ( Rookie – Blue, RX – Red, Elite – Black)

Guidelines for all Tiers

  • Sessions will generally be held on a select Friday night 7-9pm, at least once a month, with some extra sessions being provided as and when necessary.
  • For qualifiers in which there are a large amount of people taking part, we may host a Friday evening qualifier night.
  • The sessions will generally be run with the focus being on the next competition on the calendar and give athletes a chance to work on synchronicity, communication, strategizing and an understanding of each person’s capabilities.
  • Although they will be well structured and require a certain level of intensity, they are always aimed at having fun and being enjoyable.
  • They need a fully-on-board team ethic (if wanting to compete in a team, that is).
  • A respect for the coaches who are taking their time and effort to put on these sessions and offer this advice. These are free sessions that are being put on purely through the coaches’ passion of helping athletes to fulfill their desire to compete and learn the sport of CrossFit. Anyone taking part in these sessions will need to understand they are being put on to help athletes, not to hinder them.
  • VIRTUOSITY. CrossFit Nottingham ALWAYS represents well at competitions. And by this I mean, we move well, we thank our judges after every workout with a high five or knucks and if we finish before our fellow competitors we will go over and cheer them on.
    If we have a question regarding our score, we do it quietly and respectfully. All of this stems from how we approach each day on the WOD floor. If a coach sees you no repping yourself or stripping your own bar because you maybe miscalculated the weights, they are going to give you a lot more respect than you giving a good score with some questionable reps. The best way to get into this mindset is to imagine Andy Ward is on the floor watching your every rep. Chances are you’re going to be pushing that depth on the squat and if you miss the target on the wall ball you know you need to repeat that rep. Practice this virtuosity and at a competition it will simply be second nature. It also is a great life attribute to have: holding yourself accountable for your actions whether someone is watching you or not.
  • Overall attitude will be an important factor. It’s all well and good being the hardest worker on the WOD floor but this will always be offset when it comes to improvement by such things as a bad diet, not keeping on top of mobility, not having regular physio treatment and being diligent with GOAT and accessory work. We all like to have a drink every now and then and no one is being told to can their social life but if you’re out on the lash every weekend then it’s going to have a detrimental effect on your ability to progress and the time and effort being put into these sessions will be a waste for both the coaches and athlete. Again, for the normal member these things are recommended but not a requirement and it’s all about personal choices. It’s also about respect for your team mates; if they’re making all the right decisions and you’re not, it’s a sign of disrespect if you’re not willing to make the same sacrifices and make the same choices as them.
  • They will need to provide good communication and a commitment to both their fellow team mates and the CTT coaches.
    This isn’t just a skill in competitions but when organising the logistics side of things; accommodation, qualifiers, smaller team training sessions, travel etc. This is ALWAYS the hardest bit and what tends to cause the most problems but a lot of the time it can be avoided simply by honest and forthright communications to those necessary. There will always be an understanding that we all have busy lives outside of the box but it shows a level of mutual respect to those who are trying to get things organised. Be it your team captain collecting payments or one of the coaches who are organising a Friday night session and need numbers to write up the workout.


Blue Tier will be for those:

  • new to competing and to CrossFit
  • who are still learning the basic movement standards
  • have learnt some basic movement standards but no advanced as of yet
  • wanting an idea of what competing will entail and what skills they need for the different levels as they progress
  • wanting to be put through fairly straight forward workouts with the appropriate standards of an intro level comp, potentially paired with partners or teams of similar ability and given the chance to work out to a basic movement standard

Red Tier will be for those:

  • who are already fairly well versed in competing, have been crossfitting for over approx 12 months and
  • who have a specific competition in mind and a team with who they are wanting to compete, or a competition they would like to hit as an individual
  • who, if they do not have a team but would like to compete, are open to being put in to balanced teams as selected by the CTT Coaches
  • who can meet the necessary guidline weights and movement standards as set out and agreed upon by the CTT coaching staff.
  • who are wanting to train in a competitive environment alongside their fellow athletes and seeking guidance and advice so as to advance
  • wanting to be put through workouts that will be require movement and weight standards that are the norm, across the competition scene
  • Are able to hit nearly all basic movement standards as well as some of the more advanced movement and weight standards. Seen to be working on GOATS and accessories in open gym

Black Tier will be for those:

  • who are very experienced CrossFitters (2+ consistent years) and are also experienced with competing
  • have done several competitions previously and have competitions lined up and a regular selection of team mates
  • regularly hit RX standards in class workouts and sometimes Competition standards
  • hit all basic movement standards as a per-requisite and can achieve nearly all of the advanced movement standards and are working on their individual GOATS on a regular basis

Basic Movement standards and weights (as with everything these are guidelines are therefore flexible. They are to give athletes an idea of standards which they will likely see at competitions and are the reason they are here)

  • Hips below parallel on every kind of squat
  • controlled lockout on overhead movements
  • No band required for any rig work and can do 20/15/10 unbroken reps (pull-up, T2B, C2B)
  • RX wall ball weights
  • 24″/30″ box jumps
  • HSPU for reps
  • 15kg/22.5kg for high rep Dumbbell movements, 17.5kg/30kg for lower reps but with a solid amount of control
  • 24/32kg Kettlebell movements
  • 40/60kg snatch,
  • 70/100kg Cleans for reps
  • 50 unbroken double unders
  • 1:50/500m, 1:40/500m row
  • sub 23 minute 5km run

Advanced Movement Standards

  • 70kg/100kg Snatch 1RM
  • 85kg/130kg Clean 1RM
  • 3-5 Unbroken Muscle Ups (bar or ring)
  • 1:40/500m, 1:30/500m row
  • sub 21 minute 5km run
  • Can complete a 50ft HS walk in under 40seconds
  • 100 unbroken double unders
  • 40 unbroken pistols
  • Strict / Kipping HSPU, ring dips, pull-ups for reps

On the Friday 15th February will be holding a seminar to discuss CTT and The Open in further details. Running 7-9pm you will be lead through an informative hour and finish of with some classic WODs. For further details click here to reach our event page.

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