Friday 17th February – WOD

16th February 2017




In 5 mins

10 Dislocates
10 Glute Bridges
10 Air Squats
10 Jumping air Squats
10 Lunges
20 Dislocates


In 20 mins complete

5 x 3 Back Squat

*Build to a heavy triple and hold across sets

Additional Work




1. Deadlift Cycle
Straps and/or belt are not allowed.
You can’t be barefoot as shoes are required in competition and therefore you need to be used to that.
Use your strongest mix-grip for all sets.
Start the cycle at about 50% of your 1RM.
Perform one set of twenty reps and three sets of ten reps.
Complete a set every fifth minute or faster.
Increase the weight with 5-10 kilos every week.
When you get to the point in the cycle where the set of twenty reps is seriously challenging you switch to doing one set of ten reps instead and follow up with three additional sets of ten reps at a lighter weight (70-80%).
Never go to failure. Finish the cycle with the heaviest possible set of ten reps while maintaining good/decent form and then re-start the cycle with the aim of surpassing the weights of the precious cycle (both for the 20’s and 10’s).

2. Barbell Cycling
In 25 Minutes complete as much as possible.
30 reps at 50/35kg of:
Front Rack Lunges
Power Cleans
Push Jerk
OH Lunge
* Pick a weight you can lift 5-10 reps of your weakest movement.




14 Minute AMRAP

7 MU/14 C2B/14 Pull Ups
50 Wall Balls
100 DU/SU




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