Friday 24th November – WOD

23rd November 2017

1 Round of:
20 Dislocates
20 PVC O/H Squats
20 Alt Hamstring Stretch
20 Ring Rows
20 Push Press
10 PVC Hang Power Clean
10 PVC Hang Power Snatch


3 X 7 Minute AMRAPs with 90 sec rest between

7 Squat Cleans @50/35kg  C = 60/40kg
7 Hand release Push Ups
REST 90 Sec

6 Power Cleans @50/35kg  C = 60/40kg
6 Bar MUs/C2B/Pull up
Rest 90 Sec

5 Clusters @50/35kg  C = 60/40kg
5 Bar over Burpees

*Choose a weight that allows you to T&G first 2 movements, the cluster would likely see a fast single or a 3/2
*If the athlete chooses MUs on the 2nd AMRAP they should be unbroken set for the first half, then a single break only
*Any other pull movements chosen should be unbroken


30 Mins After Class
5×3 Bench Press
*Use heaviest weight possible each set

For Time Complete:
Assault Bike Calories
Floor Press @ 60/42.5
*Goal is to go fast, but be smart as this is a very bench oriented workout.
*Finishing under 10 minutes is a good goal to have on this one.

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