Book a FREE Taster Session

Book a FREE CrossFit Taster Session

What now?

Use the link above to book your free taster session. You will receive an email confirming your booking. Please arrive five minutes before your session is due to start so we can introduce you to the coach. All you will need is your gym kit and a bottle of water. Enjoy your session!

Done CrossFit before?

If you are already proven in the CrossFit movements and workouts then contact us and come down for a friendly chat with one of our Coaches, we will have a quick look at your movement standards.

If you meet a safe level of CrossFit function then you will be invited to hit the workout of the day (WOD)

Tel: 07853 955090


How much does it cost?


£ 10 per hour

Single Session

  • Single Session CrossFit Class
  • or
  • Open Gym


£ 61 per month

CrossFit Membership

  • 2 CrossFit Classes per week
  • plus
  • 1 hour Open Gym


£ 77 per month

CrossFit Membership

  • Unlimited Sessions
  • and
  • Unlimited Open Gym Usage
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