Monday 29th June 2015 – WOD

28th June 2015


As some of you may remember at the beginning of the year we had our first ever test week, the purpose of this week is to undertake a number of different physical tests across the main fitness domains, these workouts are all recordable and measurable. The purpose of this week is to gain an understanding of your current strengths and weaknesses in the gym, whilst also creating and recording some benchmarks that we can re-visit and re-test periodically.

It is great practice to record and track your workouts and achievements such as Rep maxes, gymnastic capabilities, PB’s and classic Crossfit workout times and results. That way when these workouts and movements are repeated you can gauge how much you have improved!

We would just like to give a shout out to Reebok Crossfit Thames who program a very similar and successful test week, their program provided the inspiration for us to adopt the concept in the gym.

Good luck, Record your results and lets get that PB bell ringing!


Absolute Strength 

In 20 mins est:

  • 1 RM Front Squat


Alactic Test

 In 20 mins in pairs:

  • 8 x 15 secs on & 30 secs rest of Push ups
  • 1 min change over
  • 8 x 15 secs on & 30 secs rest of Wall Balls
  • 1 min change over
  • 8 x 15 secs on & 30 secs rest of Pull ups / ring rows
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