Sat 30th June 2012 – WOD

1st June 2012

Heather B…… Dont leave your buddy on the floor for this one crew!


With a time cap of 12 mins:


  • Own goat tekkers (Not yakking)


A pairs WOD of:

  • 60 Pull ups

  • 60 Box Jumps @ 24 / 20″
  • Row 1km
  • 60 Clean & Jerks @ 35 / 45kg
  • 60 Hurdles
  • Run 400m with loaded keg @ 30 / 50kg
On imediate completion of your run you move to a 60 / 40kg racked bar and conduct max reps of back squat in 2 mins.
Every rep is 1.5 secs off your chipper time!
All reps must be equally split – The row must be equally split – The keg run can be conducted as you see fit as long as you both cover the distance.
The back squat “rep out” is again anyway you see fit to gain the most reps for your team
A little patients is required as you will be set off 2 teams at a time with a stagger of 5 / 10 mins

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