Saturday 11th November 2012 – WOD

1st November 2012



With a time cap of 13 mins complete in any order and any break down:

    • Run 800m as a team
    • 30 Box over box jumps as a team to reach best method
    • 10 Firemans carry back squats
    • 50 Double unders as a team to work into method


A team WOD of 2 male and 1 female:

Complete the following

  • Row 1200m
  • 90 Box over box jumps @ 20″
  • Run 1200m
  • 300 Double unders
  • Ski 900m
  • 50 Firemans carry back squats


  • You must complete all of the movements in order and complete before you move on
  • 400m each must be completed on the rower
  • The box over box jumps can be completed in any method, the movement sees a full jump onto the box and a jump down on the opposite side, team to decide on best practise to complete all 90 reps
  • Each member must run 400m, this can be broken down to any distance to afford the quickest time E.G 2 legs of 200m
  • 300 double unders, if the double under or single under is broken the next person must take over, you cannot return to the rope until the other 2 have broken there set either by choice or mistake, 2 singles to 1 double
  • Ski 300m each
  • Firemans carry back squat, any person can be carried in order to complete the back squats

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