Saturday 12th November 2016 – WOD & Barbell

11th November 2016



the lovely Debbie Gowans….


In 5 mins:
Downward dog freeze tag:

E2MO2M for 10 mins complete:

3 Thrusters
*increase weight every set




Additional Work:

5×3 Bench press

*build to a heavy 3 and hold across the 5 sets

15 mins after the WOD

2 rounds for time of:
60 wall balls @ blk/blu
30 c2b pull ups/ pull ups
*8 min cap

rest 10 mins then

for time
5 x 500m row
2 min rest


Coaches warm up

In Pairs in 40 mins work through as much as possible of:

3. Power Clean + Push-Press + Power Jerk + Split Jerk
3.1 Do five full complexes at the same weight that you used for the Conventional Snatch Warm-Up weight to practice complex
3.2 Find your daily max in the complex.
3.3 Drop down to 80% and do three unbroken rounds of one power clean + two push-presses + three power jerks + four split jerks.

If time:

3.4 Find your daily max in power clean singles.
3.5 Drop down to 80% and do three sets of three

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