Saturday 13th May 2017 – WOD

12th May 2017


Happy Birthday Daine! Have a great day everyone who is celebrating!


WOD 1 

In 10 mins work through the snatch complex of: @ 20/15 max

-snatch grip deadlift to knees
-snatch grip deadlift to pockets
-snatch grip deadlift with shrug
-snatch grip deadlift high pull
-muscle snatch from mid shin
-power snatch
-hang power snatch
-oh squat
-sotts press
-squat snatch

*Build to WOD squat snatch weight



For Time: 9-7-5 reps of

Squat Snatch @ 60/40 RX+85/60
Muscle ups

*12 min cap
*If scaling to c2b/pull ups use reps 18-14-10


Additional Work



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