Saturday 15th April – WOD

14th April 2017






every 30 secs followed by 30 sec rest:

Air squats
Push ups
Ring rows
down and ups
100m run
WOD 1 

In 20 mins complete:

5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1 reps
Floor press

*Use the heaviest weight you can across the sets



WOD 2 

In pairs accumulate as many cals/reps as possible of:

1 min cals ab/row/ski
1 min box jumps @ 24/20
2 min cals ab/row/ski
2 min burpee box jumps
3 min cals ab/row/ski
3 min box jumps
4 min cals ab/row/ski
4 min box jump overs

*1 work/1 rest
*break how you like
*20 mins

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