Saturday 1st December 2012 – WOD

1st December 2012

Santa CrossFits fact! ….. Have a great Xmas due

crew….see you there!



Complete in your threes:

  • Run 400m (all)
  • 30 Box jumps (practise rotation)
  • 9 rounds of Cindy


A 3 person team WOD for points:

With a rolling clock complete:

  • Build to a combined max Kg back squat in 5 mins
  • As many pull ups in 5 mins as possible
  • Build to a combined max Kg clean in 4 mins
  • As many hand release push ups in 5 mins as possible
  • Build to a combined max weight deadlift in 3 mins
  • As many box jumps @ 20′ in 5 mins as possible
  • Teams are where possible 2 men & 1 woman
  • The max combined lifts are a combination of a single 1RM each within the given time E.G Rob hits 100kg, Saqib hits 90kg, Laura hits 70kg – Score: 260kg, you can take as many lifts as you like to hit your 1RM as long as its within the time
  • The clock starts and you cannot have any bumpers @ your rack, you must fetch and carry all weights from the usual place for the first lift segment
  • Once you finish the first lift segment weights can be left in place at your station ready for cleans and then deads
  • The pull ups and push ups are one person working, you can break this up as you see fit in order to gain most reps
  • The box jumps are only one person working and only one jump allowed each at a time, you can bounce off the box (open hips)
  • The clock is rolling and therefore ends at 27mins
  • Every rep is a point, every KG is a point

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