Saturday 22nd April – WOD

21st April 2017


Please note – this movement is not in today’s workout


In pairs 1-6 of:

Air squats against the wall with hands up

*1 of each then 2 then 3 and so on


WOD 1 


For quality in pairs

4 rounds of the complex

5 strict pull ups
5 kipping pull ups
5 c2b
5 bar muscle ups

*take 4 attempts to get as far as you can
*1 work/ 1 rest
*Don’t rush
*12 min cap


In pairs 18 min amrap of:

While one person completes 200m with a kb @ 32/24

Other person amrap

6 db step ups @ 2×15/10 RX+2×22.5/15
6 db hang cluster @ @ 2×15/10 RX+2×22.5/15

*switch when partner returns
*carry on from where partner got too


Additional Work
for time
5k row
*aim to set a new pb!

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