Saturday 22nd October 2016 – WOD & Barbell

21st October 2016


The super friendly Philipp aka Bruno Mars 😉



EMOM for 10 mins:

10 jumping pull ups
30 sec hold with chin over the bar
10 jumping chest to bar pull ups
30 sec hang on the bar
5 jumping bar muscle up *everyone try for abit of fun







Additional Work:


20 mins after class:

For time:

100 walking back rack lunges @ bodyweight/0.75BW

*1 step= 1 rep
*10 min cap




1. OHS complex

2. Snatch Warm-up from hang
Two sets of five reps on an empty bar in A, B, C, D, E. Three seconds pause in the catch position in C, D and in the bottom position of E.
A. Snatch Pulls.
B. Muscle Snatch.
C. Power Snatch.
D. Deep Power Snatch.
E. Snatch.

*set up on a line and start every lift with the toes by the line. Don’t check the line as you land but when you are in the top position. If you jumped forward the lift is a no-rep. Jumping slightly back is not a problem but try to stay by the line. It’s paramount that you find a starting position from hang, which allows you to move the most weight. When doing hang snatch in this program it is not meant as an accessory to the full snatch but is rather a goal in itself. It’s fairly common to keep the body more upright than in the full snatch and to rely more on the quads or to even do a high-hang snatch. Experiment with and stick to what seems to be working for you without regards to the full snatch.

3. Hang Snatch

3.1 Find your daily max in doubles. You can only drop the bar after the last rep.
3.2 Drop down to 50% and find your daily max in singles.
3.3 Drop down to 60% and do five hang snatches every minute for 20 minutes.


In 18 mins complete:

5 min amrap of:
Bar Muscle ups/c2b/pull ups
3 min hang from the bar

2 min rest

5 min amrap of:
metres row/ski
3 min ring hold

*Every time you come down from hang or hold minus 3 mus for hang and 100m for hold
score= mus/meters row/ski






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