Saturday 24th November 2012 – WOD

1st November 2012



Complete in your pairs:

  • Run 400m
  • 4 rounds of Cindy
  • 30 ball slams
  • 20 Wall ball throw anchored sit ups


A pairs WOD for points:

With a rolling clock complete:

  • As many rounds of “Cindy” in 6 mins
  • A many hang squat cleans in 6 mins @ 40 / 30kg
  • As many burpee broad jumps in 6 mins @ 4ft
  • As many wall ball throw anchored sit ups in 6 mins
  • Only one person working at a time on Cindy and one full round has to be completed each then changed over, no more than one round @ once
  • The cleans are again one person working and the bar cannot touch the floor once you begin the first clean, if it does you hit 10 burpees each (can work these at same time) all bars to be racked / cleared on completion of 5 mins
  • The burpee broad jumps sees one person stood infront of the rubber floor mat facing the width (4ft) you drop in front of the mat then on as you stand broad jump the full width without stepping over, then turn and repeat, only one person working @ a time
  • Again you set up an anchored sit up (20kg plate) on the line of a rubber mat facing width ways (4ft) your partner is stood the opposite side of the 4 ft mat facing you. With a 6 / 4 kg wall ball you sit up, touching the wall ball behind your head on the floor then as you rise you launch the ball 4ft to your partner, they MUST catch and he / she then throws it back ….. repeat. Change over as you see best to gain max reps, any missed catches is 5 burppes for the catcher ONLY, you obviously cannot continue until he / she completes.
  • Every rep is a point, max points takes the day

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