Saturday 29th October 2016 – WOD & Barbell

28th October 2016





EMOM for 9 mins:

1-30 sec handstand hold
2-30 handstand hold + 2 hspu (strict/kip)
3-4 wall walks
4 – 45 sec half handstands/attempts
5 – REST
6 – 10 kips on pull up bar
7 – 10 kips + 5 knee raises (focus on pushing down on the bar)
8 – 5 strict TTB/ Strict leg raises
9 – Max rep TTB/SCALE



Additional Work:

45 mins before the class:

Power Snatch
*build to a heavy single for the day, try and hit heavier than on 5/10

For Time:
50 strict HS Pushups

*10 min cap, scale to 30 if you havn’t reached 30 by the 5 min mark



1. Power snatch + snatch
1.1 Find your daily max in the complex. Try to catch the bar high in the power snatch but keep going until it’s a deep power snatch. From there you switch to snatch singles and find your daily max. Take the bar down and reset in the starting position after the first lift.
1.2 Do five additional snatch singles at 90%.
1.3 Do five additional power snatches at 85% of the heaviest legit power snatch of the day.

1.4 Do thirty reps in TnG power snatch bolt at the same weigh that you used for the Snatch Warm-up on Day 1. You have to do set of at least five reps. You have to do all thirty reps as “bolt”, which means that the feet are bolted to the ground instead of you jumping every time. You are allowed to get up on the toes.


In pairs complete:

30 cherry Pickers (Shoulder taps) RX+40
40 toes to bar RX+ 50
*Break up movements how you like
*1 work/1 rest

*20 min cap






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