Saturday 7th July – WOD

6th July 2018

Warm up

In teams of 4 complete 2 rounds of:
800m run (200s)
30 Link arm air squats  (in a circle, arms over shoulders syncro)
1 Length gym, wheel barrow (if you can every mat 1 push up, legs held) 1 work / 1 carry legs
8 Rope climbs or 3 rope hauls per climb

* 11 mins cap



In a team of 4 complete:

10 tonnes of front squat, (c) 16 tonnes……………no racks!
E2MO2M 2 people complete:
1st 40 double unders
2nd 30 Pull ups
3rd 20 bar touch burpees (touch a pull up bar each jump)

  • Choose no more than 2 loads between the team of 4 to cycle through the KGs
  • Only 1 squats @ a time
  • On the 2 mins, a pair breaks off the team and completes 30 double unders between them 50/50
  • The remaining team carry on rotating squats, and decreasing the KGs from 10,000
  • Once the 30 reps are complete the pair can join the team again and take their turns in squatting
  • On min 4 another pair (at least 1 person must have swapped) complete 30 pull ups, once again they return to assist in squatting once complete
  • Min 6 another pair (1 has swapped) complete 20 burpees
  • Back to the the double unders min 8 and continue to rotate 
  • Scoring is the time to complete 10 tonnes


* Cap is the hour

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