Saturday 9th April 2016 – TEAM WOD & Barbell

8th April 2016

Team WOD

In teams of 4:


In 14 mins:

  • Find a 1 RM Clean

*It can be a power clean or squat clean

*The ladies will lift 1st and use the 1st 7 mins

*The men will lift 2nd and use the 2nd 7 mins

*The guys can change the ladies plates and the ladies the mens

*Only 1 person lifts at a time

*Score = Total Combined Weight



  • 150 Pull Ups – Rig Hang
  • 150 Plate GTOH @ 25/20kg – Plate hold in bottom squat
  • 150 Down & Ups – Plank
  • 150 Bodyweight Deadlift – Hold at top of deadlift
  • 150 Box Over Box Jump

*The team must work through the chipper and complete all of the reps before moving onto the next movement

*The team do not have top split the work equally

*Whilst 1 person works the other 3 must be holding the position

*Scales can absolutely be used

Barbell: Wk 8 Sess 3

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