Principal Nutrition

Nutrition is the foundation stone upon which the hierarchy of athletic development is based. In order to see positive results, we must have the nutritional support in place to fuel our training, recover fully, and make structural adaptations.

Here at CrossFit Nottingham, we provide a comprehensive, evidence-based nutrition course as an optional add-on through Principal Nutrition. This is designed to educate you on all things nutrition, so that by the end of the 8-week process, you can manage your own nutrition to support your lifestyle and goals.

Please contact coach Yusuf if you would like to find out more or sign up for the next intake.

SGF Ropes

Welcome to SGF speed ropes the number 1 place for custom speed ropes/ jump ropes, every rope is hand made here in the UK and custom built to each individuals specification making them that extra special.
You can choose one of the many options available for the handles but if you want something that bit more personal, send a gift or want to advertise your gym/box/brand you can have the full custom handles which are branded to your choice.

Each speed rope is size to the individual making them truly unique.

SGF speed ropes are created by a martial art practitioner and crossfitter here in the UK and being hand crafted every care and attention is given to each individual one.

Speed ropes/jump ropes are ideal training tools for a variety of different sports examples are, MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, CrossFit, Gymnastics.

They are a versatile tool which can be taken anywhere.

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