Sunday 10th September – WOD & Barbell

9th September 2017


In pairs follow each other through:
20 Bird Peckers
20 Front Squats with Wall Ball
20 Sit up and Wall Ball throw
20 Floor Back Extensions
20 Squat Jumps
20 Kcal Row
20 Jumping Pull Ups
*P1 starts, p2 can then start once p1 moves on to next movement
*10 Min Cap


In pairs complete:
200 Wall Balls @ blk/blu
150 Pull Ups with WB
100 Backward Lunges with WB
*While 1 Person completes Chipper other completes:
Wall Balls = Squat Hold
Pull Ups – Bar Hang
Lunge – Plank Hold
*Break down as needed
*Aim for sets of 10s or more if you can
*30 min cap

Additional Work 



A) Behind the neck Push Press + OHS
6 x (3+1)
*3 Press + 1 OHS 
*3 sec pause at each point of each lift…top of presses and bottom of squat

B) 3 Position Clean
6 x 1 Rep
*(pockets, hang, below the knee but not the floor)

Successory – 6 Mins Plank every break 10 Sit-Ups and 10 Leg Raises


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