Sunday 11th December 2016 – WOD & Barbell

10th December 2016




In 12 mins in pairs complete:

12 rounds of:
30 sec max row/ski for cal
30 sec rest

*alt rounds with partner
*while p1 is rowing partner 2 does an air squat every cal. Start in bottom of squat
*next 2 mins switch to push ups



Additional Work




In 40 mins complete as much as possible of:

1. Clean & Jerk
1.1 Find your daily max in singles.

2. Barbell Cycling
Two rounds of 30 deadlifts, 20 hang power clusters and 10 TnG squat jerks at 40% of your 1RM CNJ.
Directly into:
20 TnG clusters, 20 alternating overhead lunges, 20 bouncing hang clusters, 20 alternating front rack lunges, 20 thrusters at 40% of your 1RM CNJ.
In the TnG sets you are not expected to go unbroken but it’s also not meant to be singles. Do some big sets and practice cycling the reps. If you are unable to squat jerk the scaled version is to do a power jerk and squat down as deep as possible without losing the barbell forward.






Partner ‘KING KONG”

8 rounds for time:
1 Deadlift @ 205/140
2 sync muscle ups/c2b/pull ups
3 squat cleans @ 112.5/77.5
4 sync strict HS push ups/Kipping/box hspu

*break weight lifting movements how you like

*15 min cap





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