Sunday 15th October – WOD & Barbell

14th October 2017

I’m not saying who was a fan of these three…

2 Rounds of Tabatta:
Finnish movement
Box over jumps
Cal row / ski / bike Down ups


3 Rounds of:
3 Mins Ski / Row/ Bike for Kcals
2 Mins of Burpees
1 Min of Power Snatch @ AMRAP 2min
Power Snatch 35 / 25kg

Additional Work 

Muscle Snatch
*Build to the heaviest weight you can across the sets


a) EMOM10; Snatch + OHS
(increase weight by smidgen on minute 6)
b) Front squat + Split jerk (2+1) x 7 reps
c) Snatch grip deadlift 3 x 5 reps
(for this use your best snatch weight i.e best full snatch = 55kg, use this for the sets of 5 reps. If not known, use a weight that challenges posture/position but no funky looking reps)
Successory work;
AMRAP8; single arm DB jerk x 6 reps (thats 6L +6R) go heavy
supine ring row x 6
Bulgarian Split squat BW only x 8 (each leg..)
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