Sunday 21st May – WOD & Barbell

20th May 2017



In 15 mins
7×1 hang power snatch
*build to a heavy 1 rep



A). BTN Jerk (from Rack)

B). Squat Clean with 3 sec pause

BTH then 6×2 with no pauses

C). Back Squat
BTH 3 reps
Drop 10% 6 reps
Drop 10% 10 reps

Increase by 5kg or no more that 10% from last week.

D). Accessory Work
4 rounds
10 Lat Pulls Downs
10 Weighted Ab Mat
10 Back Extensions



For time complete:

90 Double unders/ 100 single unders
45 Double KB front squats @ 16s/12s RX+24s/16
200m Double KB Carry
90 Double unders/ 100 single unders

*15 min cap
*Aim to go unbroken on all movements if we need to break the front squats pick a weight you can at least hit 20 reps on the first set 



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