Sunday 24th December – WOD

23rd December 2017

5 Min AMRAP of:
5 Wall Ball Front Squats into 5 Wall Balls
20 Bounces on Toes
10 Ring Rows
10 Pull Up Kips
10 Lunges


In Pairs Complete:

2k Row/Ski/4k AB
200m Odd Object Carry
*both run with one object shared
800 m Run Together
50 Partner Leg Throws
*25 each

*15 Min Cap


In Pairs in 10 Mins Complete:

4 Min AMRAP of:
Wallballs @ 20/14

3 Min AMRAP of:
Double Under/ Singles Unders

2 Min AMRAP of:
Jumping Pull Ups

1 Min AMRAP of:
Air Squats

*Score = max reps
*Break how you like with your partner

Additional Work

Get ready for Crimbo!

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