Sunday 29th January 2017 – WOD & Barbell

28th January 2017




10 min amrap of:

20 long lunges
10 SUMO air squats
10 Banded good mornings
10 Box step ups
20 single leg kb deadlifts *10 each side*




Additional Work




1. In 25 mins Paused Front Squat
1.1 Find your daily max in paused front squat singles. Make sure that you go down in a controlled pace so you sit completely still when you get to the bottom position and then stay there for a good five seconds.
1.2 Do three additional front squats but without the pause at the heaviest weight you managed in paused front squats.

2. Clean & Jerk Chipper
In 25 mins complete as much of the chipper as possible:
For time:
30 reps at 60/45kg.
24 reps at 80/55kg.
18 reps at 100/70kg.
12 reps at 120/80kg.
6 reps at 140/90kg.
If the weights are much too heavy for you to get a good workout out of it you simply scale down. It’s better to go a bit too light than a bit too heavy. You are allowed to do both power clean, power jerk, squat cleans and split jerks and can mix it up as you like. It’s recommended to go with power clean + power jerks from the start and for as long as possible as it’s faster and you’ll save your legs for the heavy lifts.



5 rounds for time of:

  • 11 Deadlifts @ 100/70
  • 11 Kb goblets squats @ 32/24
  • 11 Box jumps*12 min cap






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